Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Veronica Mars Season 1

So we finished watching Veronica Mars Season 1 and we were really impressed. So much so we will be looking for seasons two and three of this critically acclaimed but canceled series.

The premise of the show is quite unique. The titular character Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, was once popular in her high school, that is until her best friend is brutally murdered and her father the town sheriff pursues the dead teen's family as murder suspects. Since this family is rich and powerful they use their influence to get him removed as Sheriff. The dogged persistence of the Mars family to uncover the true killer ostracize Veronica from her boyfriend, the dead girls brother, and all of her popular friends at school.

Now she works with her father at his detective agency while going to school and trying to fit in to her new role as an outsider.

In each episode Veronica solves a case usually brought to her by the outcasts of Neptune High. The back story of the first season deals with the hunt for the true killer of Lilly Kane.

The show is excellently written and acted. The scripts do not pull any punches and deal with adult themes lacking in most shows dealing with high school. It's very entertaining and I recommend everyone picks it up.

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