Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Obligatory Olympics Post: Unfair Judging

After reading Ryan's LEAGUE OF MELBOTIS: Obligatory Olympics Post: Hyperbole and NBC I figured I needed to weigh in my two cents on Olympic judging. It's crap! I know this is happening to other countries but I'm taking a Canadian perspective here as in the past two days two of our athletes have been screwed by the judges. On Tuesday Jason Burnett was awarded the silver for mens trampoline after pulling off a more difficult routine, with no mistakes, than the eventual gold medal winner from China. Then on Wednesday Ivett Gonda lost her first round taekwondo match after being shut out by the judges even though she quite obviously scored with some good kicks.

Originally I thought I'd have a hard time caring about the Olympics as they are all on steroids but the excitement in the pool and on the track have pulled me in. Now I have to think that I will avoid any sport with judging and stick to ones that can be measured objectively instead of subjectively.

As Grandpa Tom used to say It's all fixed!

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The League said...

The more audiences make note of poor judging/ biased judging, the more the sports organizations who mandate how the sports will work (not usually the IOC) will eventually have to take note.

It led to new rules for gymnastics and ice skating in the past few years, after all.

I am not much of a fan of judged sports. After the rigged ice skating of 6 years ago, it seems all too suspect.