Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Second Triathlon

I completed the Last Chance Triathlon 2008, my second triathlon ever, on Sunday. With my buddy Paul being in the UK for the week I was able to borrow his speed bike and use it in lieu of my mountain bike. What a big difference, it was like I was riding a feather around the course. This time around I finished in 20th place which was a big improvement over my last tri. Once again I had a blast and I'm going to look at investing in a speed bike for next year.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Simon, what a difference a bike can make. Just make sure you get a road bike that fits your frame. Mine might have been once size to big, so just make sure you talk to a pro at let's say T&L on Bank to ensure of a proper size and fit. I can get you a name of someone who you can talk too. We can look at options when I get back home at your leisure.

Simon Mac Donald said...

Sounds good. I think the other big difference for me was not playing hockey at at 10pm the night before. I definitely had more energy out there.