Monday, October 13, 2008

Coffee 2.0 from Joffery's

Awhile back I saw a post on Mashable where Joffery's Coffee & Tea Company was giving away free coffee to bloggers. I decided I'd like to give it a try so I submitted my name into the mix. About a month later I received my packet of Jamaican Me Crazy.

Then it took even longer for me to brew Jamaican Me Crazy as it got buried under a number of other items in the pantry. This was to my detriment as Jamaican Me Crazy was a deliciously smooth brew with caramel and vanilla under tones. The coffee was well like by Kate and I and the smell of it was sinfully good.

Now Joffery's is releasing the culmination of the comments received from bloggers as Coffee 2.0. I'd recommend everyone check it out especially if you are a big fan of caramel like myself.

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Coffee 2.0 is wonderful. I like Jamaican Me Crazy better though....a slightly smoother taste and better undertones. Jamaican also smelled better to me. Nonetheless, we are saving some of our Coffee 2.0 for a holiday visitor that we are having is that good. :-)