Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Book Review: The Guns of Shadow Valley

On this weeks review we will take a bit of a detour and review The Guns of Shadow Valley. A webcomic co-created by Dave Wachter and Jim Clark with Dave handling the illustration duties as well.

I originally heard about Guns when I attended the Comic Geek Speak Super Show back in September of 2008. At the show Dave was selling a preview of Guns with the Hollywood tag line Imagine The Magnificent Seven with super-powers which is supposed to put you in the mind set of a spaghetti western where the gun slingers are not quite what they seem. I really fell in love with premise so I bought the preview book and was not disappointed.

What has disappointed me is that no major comic book company has taken a chance on this book which confuses me to no end. Regardless Dave has decided to start posting up his pages as a twice a week web comic. As of this writing the first 14 pages are on-line and it gives you a good indication of what is to come. Please check it out.

I'm really digging Dave's art so much so I commissioned him to draw me a Sandman for this years Windy City Comic Con.


Anonymous said...

FYI, the series is co-written by James Andrew Clark.

Simon Mac Donald said...

Yes, I rushed through this post originally. I've since updated it to give credit to Mr. Clark As well. My sincere apologies for the oversight.