Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes the Internet is so Cool

Say what you will about the internet but sometimes it is so cool. Take today for instance. I woke up feeling pretty horrible with a migraine headache so I ended up working from home. Which is why I was able to answer the door to receive a comic book geeks care package from my friend Ryan in Austin, Texas.

In it were a plethora of delights for me including:

1) A signed limited edition Jeff Lemire print of The Nobody.
2) The first Irredeemable trade by Mark Waid.
3) A couple of Owly books that I will enjoy with Anna.
4) Ten issues of Tiny Titans that Anna and I will fight over :)
5) The Ambush Bug Year None limited series
6) Various issues of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.
7) A giant plush toy of Fone Bone!

Now besides this being an extremely generous gift for one friend to send to another there is something extra special about it. Ryan and I have never met face to face or even talked on the phone. The extent of all of our conversations have been over emails, instant messages and blog posts. I just think it is amazing that the internet gives us the tools to allow friendships like this to become established.

That said I hope to get down to Austin some day to embarrass Ryan with my Canadianisms and check out Austin Books which seems to be a great comic book shop from what I've heard.

So thank you very much Ryan, you are a great friend and now the whole internet knows too!

1 comment:

Ryan S. said...

Ah, heck. A man cleans out a closet and suddenly we're having an international high five.

Just remember to share the Fone Bone with Anna.