Monday, June 14, 2010

Music Monday: Adam War Rock

Adam War Rock is a professional geek emcee. He's done some great songs of them my favourite has to be the Scott Pilgrim recap song called I Gotta Believe! Adam War Rock, aka Eugene Ahn, is currently hard at work on his first studio album. Last week he release the first song off the album, Starving Artist, for digital download.

Now you can download it for free but it is also setup so that you can pay Euge for his hard work. Stop by and purchase the song for $1. You won't be disappointed. Plus you'll be helping out a talented artist who is just on his way to super stardom. In 5 years when he's entering the Betty Ford Clinic for substance abuse you'll be able to say I knew him when and I enabled his rock star lifestyle just a little bit.

Euge is also the co-host and producer of the War Rocket Ajax podcast with Chris Sims of Comics Alliance and the Invincible Super Blog. This nominally about comics podcast is always a great listen so you should check that out when you have time too.

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