Friday, December 3, 2010

But Does Caffeine Actually Work

Yesterday I posted the effects of caffeine on your brain but does caffeine actually work?


Mark - Productivity501 said...

In college, the nurse told me that three or four weeks after the beginning of each year, she'd see a bunch of freshmen coming in complaining about headaches. It was caused by a drastic increase in caffeine consumption by teenagers who had unlimited access to a soda fountain for the first time in their lives.

James Henderson said...

Yeah - caffeine works but the problem is your body starts to tolerate it more and more, and then you need more and more caffeine just to get by. One day I hope to wean myself off the stuff but I'm not optimistic

Simon MacDonald said...

@James, I was off caffeine for 3 years straight. I fell off the wagon when our daughter was born as I needed the caffeine to stay awake. Right now I tend to cycle my caffeine intake to avoid the side effects. That is I switch from coffee to tea or green tea some weeks to cut back on my consumption.