Friday, November 18, 2011

Books I've Read This Week

After two weeks of travel and attending conferences I came down with a case of con crud and I've been sick for a week. Consequently most of my reading time went to sleeping instead. Although I did get in some quick comic book hits.

American Vampire Vol. 2 I know that vampires are hot right now but these aren't your sparkly Twilight types. They are brutal, violent creatures who manipulate the human race from behind the scenes and treat us as food. In short it's awesome. You really should pick up the first two trades of this great series from Scott Synder and Rafael Albuquerque.

Casanova - Volume 2: Gula I loved, loved, loved Casanova Volume 1 but I found this one a bit hard to follow. I'm going to hold off making any rating until I do a second read through.

See you next Friday.

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