Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Android Issues All PhoneGap Developers Should Star

If you are a PhoneGap developer it's pretty much guaranteed that you've run into one or more of these issues. Do the PhoneGap Community a solid and go star these issues so we can put some pressure on Google to fix them for everyone.

22254<video> tag doesn't work in a WebView.15
18695Impossible to change google account password11
17535WebView - URL mechanism is broken - passing parameters does not work74
17458Poor performance in webview running in 3.0 and 3.1108
17352Terrible rendering of CSS3 and Javascript animations in Browser and WebView108
17327WebView cannot open html fragments from html files in the application's asset folder63
16760Checking navigator.connection.type in Android 2.2 or greater always returns 0, the UNKNOWN type.11
16175window.openDatabase throws SECURITY_ERR from WebView in my application on Android 3.051
15583adb on OS X fails to see Motorola Atrix14
13731Crash in emulator due to possible audio misconfiguration on Mac OS X Snow Leopard7
12987Javascript to Java Bridge Throws Exception on Android 2.3518
11891ConnectivityManager.getActiveNetworkInfo() reporting NOT CONNECTED when connected (via wifi)7
11866ConnectivityManager.getActiveNetworkInfo() returns null in roaming9
11619Nonexistant features listed on ContactsContract API page6
10546No html5 audio tag support in WebView45
10526html5 video tag poster downloader7
9122WebViewClient::shouldOverrideUrlLoading dont catch form interactions with method="POST"43
8272Improved HTML5 <video> tag support44
5343Build script omits folder in assets starting with an underscore43
5269Synchronous XMLHTTPRequest to Proxy does not work in Android's WebKit browser6

If you have another issue that should be starred leave a link to it in the comments.


Daniel Kurka said...

I think the defects in HTML5 History API: is also important.

As well as the android 4.x issues with input elements and their proxies:

Sephy said...


This one has been starred more than 600 times, so I think it has its place here :
(Extremely poor performance when switching elements to / from being 3D transformed)