Monday, July 16, 2012

Anchor's Away

Okay, so I'm off to OSCON early tomorrow morning where I hope to get in to Portland in enough time to participate in the Couch to Quantified 5k Run. I figure if I exhaust myself when I land I won't wake up at 5am the next day. On Wednesday I'm doing my presentation on Speech Recognition in Android Apps. Immediately after that presentation I'm heading over to the IBM booth where folks will get a chance to play with the speech recognition app from my presentation. On Friday, I'm doing a presentation on my side project, Corinthian, at PhoneGap Day US. I understand there are still a few tickets left.

Other than that in Portland I plan on drinking plenty of coffee, visiting Powell's Books, checking out the classic arcade Ground Kontrol and catching up with some friends.

So if you are slow on getting a response on the blog or twitter or email or the PhoneGap Google Group the above is why.

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