Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Speech Rec in the Browser Slides

I was able to do my presentation on speech rec in the browser at last nights Ottawa JS meeting. The slides/code for the talk have been posted up to my Ottawa-JavaScript-SpeechRec github repo. Honestly, it is a pretty light talk but that was its intention as it was going to be an amuse-bouche before heading off on holidays.

In order for you to run the question/answer part of the code you'll need to get a product key from Wolfram Alpha. Then go into index.html and find all instances of <INSERT WOLFRAM ALPHA KEY> and replace them with your api key.

Also, David grabbed a pretty good picture of me contemplating life, the universe and everything in-between right after my talk. I think it is just begging for a funny caption.

Do your worst, or best, internets.


colin said...

Caption: Why Lance? Why did you do it?

kaushik donkena said...

Hi Simon, This Blog is very informative. How can I implement the the same thing as Mobile Web Application for Android Browser and Apple IOS Safari Browser? Any kind of suggestions are appreciated.


Simon MacDonald said...

@kaushik donkena

Currently neither of the mobile browsers (Android, iOS) support this type of speech interface. However, I'm working on a PhoneGap plugin that follows the WebSpeech API spec from the W3C. I plan to launch it in July at PhoneGap Day 2013. So, it wont work in the browser but you will be able to do hybrid apps with speech.