Friday, May 31, 2013

Books I've Read This Week

The Demon by Jack Kirby collects the entire 16 issue run of the series. Kirby's art is brilliant and his story telling is frantic. This book defies convention as it isn't a pure super hero story but it isn't a pure horror story either. You can see how these stories went on to inspire so many other authors in their use of the Demon and maybe even Mike Mignola and his Hellboy character.
Inferno by Dan Brown. Yeah, I wasn't going to read it but the book is available so cheaply and it such a quick read. Plus, I already reviewed it before it even came out so I figured I should read it to see how right or wrong I was.

Whelp, I was way off base in plotting as Brown uses flashbacks to re-jigger his timeline. However on character's I was spot on and you can check them off one by one as they appear in the story. There is supposed to be a huge swerve in the book but it is utterly predictable when you realize that two of Brown's usual character archetypes are combined into one person.

If you usually like the Robert Langdon series you'll probably like this one as well. It's like comfort food at this point as you know what to expect.  

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