Thursday, June 13, 2013

My PhoneGap Presentation to Ottawa JS

So on Wednesday night I did my Introduction to PhoneGap/Apache Cordova (GitHub repo) presentation for Ottawa JS at the beautiful Shopify lounge. I've given this presentation a ton of times so I decided to give it a twist this time around.

The first thing I did was convert my old slide deck into a reveal.js presentation. Then I popped all the assets into a PhoneGap iPad project to see how it looked. Well, reveal.js looks and works great on an iPad.

At this point I started to get fancy. When I got to the part of the presentation where I would usually switch from the presentation software to Eclipse/Xcode to show the code and emulator I decided to call out to PhoneGap to take a picture instead. All I needed to do was include cordova.js in the app and make a call to Camera.getPicture and the results were:

this is my view from the stage

the view from the audience

And Darren took a picture of me taking the picture, while the picture I was taking was being put up on the big screen which is also in this picture. So I was able to do a presentation on PhoneGap in a PhoneGap app calling the PhoneGap API. It got meta pretty damn quick!

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