Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Books I've Read This Week

Saga, Vol. 3 by Bryan K Vaughn with art by Fiona Staples continues to be one of the best comics on the stands. It's wild mash up of Romeo and Juliet with Star Wars is one of my favourite books. In this volume new parents Marko and Alana visit the author of their favourite book hoping he'll have some answers for them while bounty hunters from both sides of the war are hot on their trail.

This is a great book and one single page in which Lying Cat and Slave Girl have a conversation is worth the price of the entire trade.

Lying Cat

Chew Volume 8: Family Recipes TP by John Layman and Rob Guillory continues it's strong story. After the shocking events of the last volume Tony is left picking up the pieces of his life and gets help solving a murder from a very unexpected source.

Like Saga this is one of my favourite books and well worth a read. Check out the first volume for it's out of this world premise and laugh out loud shocks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

ChromeCast Presentations

Over the past couple of months I did a couple of ChromeCast presentations on Sender apps and Receiver apps at Ottawa JS. The presentations don't have much extra content than what you would get on the main Google ChromeCast site but it was a great excuse for me to play around with the SDK. I love my ChromeCast and I'd love to program a game for it sometime when I can generate some free time.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Books I've Read This Week

Necessary Evil by Ian Tregillis is the third novel in his Milkweed Triptych trilogy. At the stunning conclusion of the cold war has come at a great price and only Raybold Marsh with the help of the Nazi precog Gretel can set the world right again.

This book is an excellent conclusion to the series. Go back and pick up the first novel The Coldest War and you won't be disappointed.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #8 - Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney. Man it is hard not to laugh at the titular character Greg Heffley in this books. He's even more of a loser in this one as his only friend Rowley has got a girlfriend so Greg is on the outside looking in. It is super hard to cheer for him as he brings his troubles on himself but at the same time there is something endearing about Greg and you end up liking him. Dare I say it, he may even be growing up a bit in this one. It's quite a funny series of books for kids and kids at heart.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Recipe Blog

Friends of mine have started a new recipe and fitness blog. I've already had quite a few of their creations and they are quite good. I'm really looking forward to trying Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken (pictured to the left) and Chicken Wing Burgers.

Check it out, it's at http://www.setsandrecipes.com/

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Books I've Read This Week

The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch is the third novel in The Gentlemen Bastards series. At the conclusion of the last volume Locke and Jean were in a rough spot. Now they've been forced into taking a tough job where they run into a childhood friend and once the love of Locke's life Sabetha.

The novel has two intertwined narratives. One which takes place in present day and the other who's events take place before the first novel. It's not typically a structure I enjoy but in this novel it works. My only complaint about the story is a fantasy trope that they were avoiding have come into play. I can only hope that it is a red herring but I'm very much looking forward to the next instalment.
Dune by Frank Herbert was our book club selection last month. It was actually the third time I've read the book and I like it a little bit less each time. What I did like was the first part of the novel with all the political manoeuvrings of the houses. What I didn't like was when Paul becomes the leader of the Fremen. It just kinda smacked of white privilege, Lawrence of Arrakis.