Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Get to Review Fantasy & Science Fiction's September 2007 Issue

I was reading Boing, Boing! today and I ran across this link:

Free copies of Fantasy and Science Fiction for bloggers

Which immediately intrigued me as that link contains four of my favorite words.

The first forty bloggers to respond to the editor at F&SF would receive a free copy of their September 2007 issue to blog about. I was lucky enough to get my request in early and I have been selected to blog about the issue.

This gets me one step closer to my ultimate goal of getting paid to criticize the work of others.

Updated 2007/07/18: F&SF Giveaway Promotion is Over


Fortrel said...

Darn! Too late! Well, I'll steal your copy when you're done reading it. In the meantime, I got all the short stories of the latest issue of Subterran Magazine on my PDA.

Deanna said...

Good post.