Friday, July 18, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008

Once again I'll be taking part in this years Terry Fox Run. The run will be taking place on Sunday September 14th where I will participate with the Blades@Ease team. We are always looking for more members for the team so if you are interested in doing the run on roller blades please contact me.

My goal in fund raising this year is $1200. Last year our team collected over $2000. Let's work together to end cancer and keep Terry's dream alive. All money raised goes to cancer research; please support my participation by donating.


Fortrel said...

I think I miss-lead you. Last year, we raised 1200$. My mistake.

zacs said...


Mind if I join your team?


Simon Mac Donald said...

Alexandre, we must have raised over $1200 as I raised $1255 myself.

Zac, to join the team go to this page Blades@Ease and click the participate with this team link.