Monday, May 25, 2009

Coffee in a Can

From Boing Boing: The Japanese think of everything, including coffee in a can. I can't possibly imagine how this could taste good but it adds yet another reason for me to want to visit Japan.


The League said...

Years ago I must have lived in an area where they were test marketing such an item. I think I bought it off an end cap at Target.

It didn't stay hot for very long, but it did get hot when you popped the top and it triggered some capsule inside to have a reaction.

The coffee wasn't very good. And because of the cartridge inside, there wasn't much coffee inside the can. Certainly something I believe they'd need to fix for a culture that loves a "venti".

As a novelty item, it was nifty, but I recall telling Jamie I didn't think I'd bother buying it again.

Simon Mac Donald said...

Oh, there is not a chance that I'd pick this up at the local 7-11 but I would grab it in a vending machine in Tokyo if I ever get the chance to visit.