Friday, May 22, 2009

Starbucks New Marketing Strategy

Starbucks unveils new print and on-line marketing campaign. The key point seems to be, not all of our coffees are $4! Which is true as my beverage of choice the tall non-fat latte runs $3.15. For the very cost conscious coffee drinkers ask for a "short" coffee. It is their 8 ounce coffee size that is not displayed on the menu which costs less then the "tall", 12 ounce, "grande" 16 ounce and "venti" 20 ounce drinks.

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scot said...

how much is 8oz? a short cafe every where else in the world should be about 30 ml or less, i.e. a shot. ... using convertbot on the iphone i see 8 oz is like 240 ml !! oh noes, that's not a "short" coffee!

that's why the rest of the world excluding asia really think american coffee is bad. when i travel to singpore it's the only time i really feel the need to visit a place like starbucks!