Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tim Horton Bans Man

Tim Horton's levies lifetime ban on a man for complaining about it's decaf coffee. Apparently the decaf coffee served by two Tim Horton's near the Jimmy Craig's home consistently tasted burnt.

I have never been to either of these Tim Horton locations but this is a problem I've encountered on numerous occasions. Their web site indicates that the coffee must be served within 20 minutes of brewing but that is not always the case especially in regards to decaf coffee.

My Dad drinks decaf and when I used to do coffee runs for him back when I was in high school he would made me ask Timmy's to brew a fresh pot of decaf for him. Consequently whenever I was too lazy or embarrassed to ask them, he could always tell as the coffee tasted burnt to him. Coincidence, I think not.


msoulier said...

I used to work at a Timmies. Trust me, it really depends on the store.

Simon Mac Donald said...

Agreed. Our local Timmies in Glace Bay was particularly bad about pouring out old decaf but that was about 20 years ago so I'm sure things have changed.

Now, our Tim Horton's here at work is amazing at recycling their coffee.