Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Web Comic Wednesday: Athena Voltaire

Who is Athena Voltaire? Well the best way I can think to describe her is What if Indiana Jones was a hot stunt pilot? or you may prefer to go with the fictional aviatrix created by Steve Bryant and Paul Daly.

Regardless of how you want to describe her you can check out her World War II era adventures online. On this site you can read the first two adventures, The Terror in Tibet and The Wrath from the Tomb. These early adventures garnered an Eisner nomination (comics Oscar awards) for best webcomic.

The webcomic was followed up by a limited series The Flight of the Falcon. I was able to pick up a collection of both the webcomics and Flight of the Falcon at CGS Super Show back in 2008. I really fell in love with the character and I was hoping to see more Nazi fighting action.

Sadly it's been awhile since we've seen an new Athena Voltaire book but take heart it looks more possible than ever before. The artist, Steve Bryant, now has full creative control over the book. He's decided to raise some money in order to be able to produce the book himself. Steve needs to collect $7,000 to pull this off and currently he's just north of $6,000.

So go check out the webcomic and if you like it kick in a few bucks via the kick starter program so we can all enjoy more Athena Voltaire.

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