Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thorsday Review - Thor: The Mighty Avenger#1

Perhaps it is divine providence that the American Independence Day pushed the release of new comics from their regular Wednesday delivery date to Thursday as Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee's new book Thor: The Mighty Avenger drops on the day that is named after the titular character.

I was a big fan of the Thor run by Walt Simonson and I've been meaning to check out the recent, slightly unfinished, JMS run but this new book was right up my alley.  First, I really like Marvel's approach on this one.  They know they are going to have a big budget movie out next year so they are launching a new title now so they can have a nice size trade waiting for people who want to learn more about Thor either before or after seeing the movie.

Second I broke my current rule of only buying trades and pre-ordered the book from my local comic shop.  I really had to as what I've read of Roger Langridge's work has entertained me with it's wit and levity.  Plus, I've been saying for a few months now that this would be Chris Samnee's break out year in the comics business.

I was not disappointed.  Langridge quickly introduces us to the main characters of the series Thor, Jane Foster and Jim North.  In one particularly hilarious scene Jane and Jim see Thor being thrown out of a bar.  At this point the characters in the book do not know this is the Norse god of thunder but as readers we are well aware of his power so what could possibly toss him out a bar?

On the art side it already looks like Samnee has been drawing these characters for years.  The facial expressions on Thor and Jane really convey their emotional and mental states.  Also, Matthew Wilson's muted colors for this this book really gel well with Samnee's pencils and inks.

The issue ends on a good cliff hanger type moment which sets up the drama for the next issue which will be out in two short weeks.  I'm rating this issue a buy if you like well scripted and drawn comics that are accessible to new and veteran comic book readers.

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