Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Web Comics Wednesday: Cleopatra in Spaaace!

Wow, Cleopatra in Spaaace! is one of my new favourite web comics which came to my attention courtesy of my buddy Ryan and the talented artist Katie Cook who posted a pin up of Cleopatra on her blog recently.

The strip quite literally follows the adventures of a teen-aged Cleopatra from 52 BC transported through space in time to the future.  The comic is like a 1950's pulpy sci-fi adventure mixed with Egyptian myths.

I'm really digging what writer/artist Mike Maihack is offering here.  The first 28 page chapter has just recently completed and now chapter two is kicking off.  It is a great time to jump on this strip as there is not too many pages to read in the archive before you've gotten caught up.

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