Friday, September 21, 2012

Books I've Read This Week

After listening to Canadian comic book creator Faith Erin Hicks on the War Rocket Ajax podcast I requested all of her available work from my local library. Not only is she a Canadian comic creator she now lives in Halifax, NS which is my old stomping ground.

Friends With Boys A home schooled girl finally has to go to public school. Will she survive her first week of high school and what's up with that ghost?
Zombies Calling! Will these university students survive the oncoming zombie horde? Maybe if they follow the Rules of Zombie Movies.
Brain Camp What exactly are they doing at this summer camp to rehabilitate these trouble teens?
The War at Ellsmere A "charity case" arrives at a boarding school where there is something magical going on behind the scenes.

All of these graphic novels are worth the read. The common theme running through them is an anxiety over school that all kids share. They are some very enjoyable YA books.

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