Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music To Code By

If you are anything like me you like to listen to music while you are coding. Recently I've noticed that my collection of coding music had grown stale. I was listening to Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers and David Guetta. There is only so many times you can listen to the Tron Legacy soundtrack on repeat. Don't get me wrong I love that album and Daft Punk in general but I need something new.

So like anyone else I took the question to twitter to see what my coder friends are listening to:

Julio Cesar suggested The Beatles which is a great but not exactly unique suggestion. I have about 64 of my favourite Beatles songs on my system. However, it doesn't really fit the bill as I'm looking for music without distracting lyrics.

Fil Maj suggested Baby Mammoth which I started listening to on YouTube and then moved over to GrooveShark where I've been listening to them quite a bit as it exactly fits the bill of what I wanted. Thanks Fil!

Adem Hamidovic suggested the Dredd Original Film Soundtrack soundtrack which is currently posted up on YouTube but I'm sure it'll get a takedown notice soon. I'm going to give it a listen this morning to see if it is worth the purchase.

William Prey suggested Sweet Mother Logic again on GrooveShark. I did a quick listen to some of their songs and it sounds just great. I love how it is completely instrumental but not electronic. Great change of pace from some of the other stuff I've been listening too.

Finally, Revolunet suggested using the music service 8tracks. You pick what music you want to listen to by selecting genre tags. It seems like an interesting way to discover new music.

So, what do you listen to while you are coding? Leave a comment to tell me about it.


jcesar said...

I can code with The Beatles, I can even study with The Beatles xD

Rob Woods said...

UKF Dubstep YouTube channel

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you (and Fil Maj) for bringing Baby Mammoth to my attention. I started a Baby Mammoth channel on iHeart Radio and that's all I've been listening to while coding recently. I've also listened to Koan Sound recently, their song "Funk Blaster" is a good place to start :)

Simon MacDonald said...

@Vince Delricco

Yeah, I'm really digging Baby Mammoth too. Thanks for the heads up on Koan Sound, I'll have to check it out.

Unknown said...

Lately it's been Shinedown and Daughtry for me.

rodrigo lins said...

When I am on a intense pace, I usually listem to skrillex. For some reason most of the tracks gets me going!