Friday, November 23, 2012

Books I've Read This Week

Wheat Belly by William Davis is another book in a series of books that are blaming the obesity epidemic on carbohydrates, in this case specifically wheat. I'm not a Doctor myself but the author William Davis is and he has the science and real world experience to back up his claims. Personally what I have noticed is that by limiting the amount of processed carbs I eat that my weight is way down, over 10 lbs this year. That may not seem like a lot but I'm not carrying around a lot of extra weight to begin with so maybe Dr. Davis is on to something here.

Other books that are similar in natured include The G.I. Diet, The Paleo Solution and even The 4-Hour Body.
Invincible Iron Man - Volume 7: My Monsters by Matt Fraction is where this series goes off the rails for me. I really enjoyed the first 6 volumes but this is where I suggest folks stop. At the end of volume 6 we could see that the Mandarin was going to be the big baddie going forward. So in volume 7 it opens up with a Mandarin story written by Kelly Sue Deconnick which is the main reason to pick up this book. The Mandarin has kidnapped a famous director so that he can make a movie based on his life story. Of course  the Mandarin wants to paint himself in the most flattering light but the director is looking for more "authenticity".

After that we are treated to a re-hash of the origin of Iron Man and some alternative future story which I'd rather just forget I'd even read. 

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One more thing: On Windows, you must invoke create.bat in a standard Windows command window. If you normally use cygwin/mintty/bash (my own preferred work environment) it'll invoke the bash shell script, which doesn't work on Windows...