Friday, November 2, 2012

Support Canadian Comic Book Creators

Extremely talented Canadian comic book creators have put together an IndiGoGo campaign to self publish a 100 page hard cover anthology of comic stories. They are looking to raise $20,000 by November the 5th and are currently just shy of $13,000. If you love comics then this will be a great anthology to pick up. There are perks levels from $5 to $300 so they are making it so easy for you to find a contribution level you are comfortable with.

Who are they? Well there is...

Adrian Alphona

Andy Belanger

J. Bone

Jack Briglio

Scott Chantler

Tom Fowler

Agnes Garbowska she drew one of my childhood favourites Spider-Ham but I can't get the image to load.

Faith Erin Hicks I recently read all her books.
Tim Levins
Ramon Perez
Ron Salas
Jay Stephens
J. Torres
Howard Wong

I will add images for the rest of these folks as I have time but really you shouldn't need anymore convincing. Go contribute!

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