Monday, October 7, 2013

My PhoneGap Day US Talk on Speech Recognition

Back in July I went out to Portland to talk at PhoneGap Day US. The video has just become available so I figured I would post it up here. The talk I did at PhoneGap Day EU is very similar to this one with a bit of updated information and mostly new jokes.


Adult Child of Aging Parents said...

I finally made time to listen to this - great job! The iOS version should be easier now that iOS 7 has been released. It has speech apis, although I haven't played with them yet.

Simon MacDonald said...


Thanks, glad you liked it. I think my talk at PG Day EU went even better as I had more practice.

Yes, iOS 7 introduces the speech synthesis (TTS) portion of the Web Speech API which makes life a little easier with regards to the plugin development.

Unknown said...

Hi Simon,

Would you like to see my phonegap blog and make any comments? It's about phonegap app architecture.

Simon MacDonald said...


I already follow your blog and will comment on posts when I have the time.

Unknown said...

Love the talk. Don't really have a use for it at the moment, but I was wondering what happened to the iOS side of these plugins?

Simon MacDonald said...

@Doug Nelson

I went to work for a start up and was devoting most of my waking hours to it. I just joined Adobe 2 weeks ago to work on PhoneGap/Cordova full time so I will be resurrecting this soon.