Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book's I've Read This Week

Moon Over Soho is the second book in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch. In it we follow police constable and apprentice wizard Peter Grant on a new case. In this one he is investigating the sudden deaths of jazz musician's in London. This is a particular interest to Peter considering his Dad is a jazz musician himself.

I'm really enjoying this magical detective series, so much so I've already read the next two books in this series but more on that next week. If you like Butcher's Dresden Files than this one is for you.
Battling Boy by Paul Pope is simply amazing. I've read through it multiple times now and I pick up new bits in the story and art every time. The book was written for 12 year old boys but it works on many levels and is definitely an all ages hit. For long time comic book fans you will pick up on the homage to Jack Kirby and his work on titles like Thor and the entire New Gods line.

In Battling Boy we have a young god being sent on walk about basically. He needs to grow up and his father sets him a challenge to clean up a world of the monsters that threaten it. During he first challenge we see how new Battling Boy is to his powers and how naive he is. This is a good story about growing up and I can't wait for volume two to be released.

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