Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Hot Coffee Lawsuit

It looks like Starbucks is being sued by a lady for an improperly secured lid. She's looking for $75,000 in damages for extreme humiliation and embarrassment.

Personally whenever I'm handed a cup of coffee I double check to make sure the lid is on right. In Starbucks locations in Canada the workers are trained to hand the coffee to patrons with the lids off. I've been told this is a health issue as the company does not want the workers hands touching the lids you are going to drink from.

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The League said...

If that's the going rate for embarrassment, I now know what I'm getting out of the kindergarten teachers who made me wear that rabbit costume in the Easter Pageant, circa 1980. Also... I think the coffee comes lidless here, too.

America, land of the lawsuit.