Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Book Review: RASL Volume 1 The Drift

This is a book that is hard for me to review objectively as it is written and drawn by Jeff Smith the incredibly talented creator who wrote/drew Bone.

Now Bone was an all ages book but Jeff purposely wanted to go in another direction with a more adult oriented book of which the first volume is Rasl Volume 1: The Drift. In which our protagonist, too early to call him a hero, is seen as a hard drinking art thief who can slide between dimensions. This sets a very film noir/sci-fi vibe.

Volume 1 collects the first three issues of the comic series in an over sized format for $14. Initially that seems to be a lot of money for 3 comics but the issues themselves had extra pages so in total those 3 comics were more like 5 comics which brings the price into line. The best thing about the over sized pages is that Jeff's art really pops off the page.

Story wise I found the volume a bit disjointed as Jeff introduces a number of characters and plot threads. Although I trust Jeff to pull all of these threads together into a masterful story. I'll be keeping up on the release of the new volumes.

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