Monday, November 18, 2013

Books I Read This Week

Year Zero by Rob Reid is a hilarious look at the recording industry and our insane patent and copyright laws through the lens of alien visitors to our fair planet. The elevator pitch is such, apparently aliens have been listening to our radio and TV broadcasts illegally since the 70's and have racked up so much in fines that the combined wealth of the entire universe is not enough to pay off the debt. Their solution is to blow up the Earth to avoid paying the fine. Now it is up to low level entertainment lawyer, Nick Carter (no not the Backstreet Boy) to save the world along with two alien reality TV stars.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a super funny work of satire.

Wait, is that it? Don't I usually put up two book reviews every week? Well yeah, I do but...well Attack on Titan is all I can say. I got super hooked on that anime this week and it has been eating up all of my spare leisure time. It's not even like I can watch it while doing something else as it is English sub-titles only. 

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